A new European adventure!

User Intelligence are a well-regarded user experience consultancy with offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki comprising some 30 staff. The company focusses on the research and interaction design aspects of user experience, bringing hard data and testing to the heart of delivering effective and engaging user experiences. 

User Intelligence has many large clients both in the Netherlands and across the EU, including communications giants KPN, T-Mobile, and DNA, leading publishing company Reed Elsevier, bluechips like Johnson & Johnson, Rabobank, Delta Lloyd and Philips.

This naturally represents a great opportunity for me to take my experience with UX and branding design over the past 10 years to help shape and tell the story of the researchers and interaction designers and craft websites on a much larger scale than I can realistically work on by myself. I hope that having a great and knowledgeable team around me will help elevate my work to another level of effectiveness and craft, and I am looking forward to the challenge it presents.

I will be maintaining my own company however, but I think my ties to User Intelligence open the door finally to being able to take on larger and more comprehensive projects, and utilize the resources of staff and time within the company to get such projects designed and crafted to a much higher level than I could hope to achieve with my own limited resources. For smaller projects with budgets that wouldn’t extend to use of a studio team, and particularly those that fall outside the areas of expertise of User Intelligence, then I will continue to be happy to seek ways to help you out and figure out a budget and timeline that can make the project feasible. 

So that's the news for now! I’ll look forward to taking my work to the next level, and I hope that I’ll have an opportunity to bring you with me through a project sometime as well. Until then…