Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from okellydesign!


How are you keeping? It's hard to believe how quickly time flies by when you're busy — it's been over a year since I last sent out an emailer to update you about what's happening with okellydesign! So I thought what better time than St. Patrick's Day to reach out and say hello and fill you in on some of the news. 

The main events of last year were quite interconnected, as I got married in July (to a native of The Hague) and then moved to Amsterdam in October. After much 'klussen' (DIY) we got the new place floored and painted and I'm able to again focus on taking on new clients and projects which is nice. The other big event of last year was that I became a dual-U.S. citizen in June, which allows me to maintain the New York practice as well as eventually building it up here in Europe. It's nice to take advantage of the time difference to enable balancing client work while taking on freelance (or full-time) studio engagements here to become more accustomed to Dutch design culture and practices. 

So what have I been doing till now?

The main reason that I haven't sent one of these for so long is that I had so many interesting projects to consume my time all year, and I'm delighted to share some of them with you now on my site. I worked with Jammer Up to create a (physical) board game, with NY architect Avani Parihk on her site, with NYCRuns on various race logos, with Li-Lac Chocolates on their rebranding and with GOAL USA on the branding and collateral for the GOAL Ball. I also was delighted to work with CARE USA on a large branding and collateral project, and with the Epicenter LA on an extensive disaster resource website, which will be launching in the coming months. I'm looking forward to sharing both of these with you when they are released. 

2012 was also a great year for awards, and I was delighted to be an Official Honoree at The Webby Awards 2012 (for the MindSports Football Facebook Game). I also received trophies from The Communicator Awards for the Lily O’Brien’s Chocolate Café Website (Gold Trophy for Interactive Excellence) and the Integrated Print and Graphics Website (Silver Trophy for Interactive Distinction). Lastly, I was honored by inclusion in the Graphic Design USA American Web Design Awards also for the Lily O’Brien’s Chocolate Café Website and for the Save the Dates for my wedding! 

Presenting at Vroaam!

I was very pleasantly surprised and honored to be asked to speak at this years Vroaam! event here in Amsterdam. This is a yearly career and information day for creative people in the Netherlands, aimed at junior and senior designers alike, and comprises workshops, portfolio reviews, and onstage presentations and Q&A sessions. I will also be reviewing portfolios for graphic design and interaction design, and will be giving a talk for 15–20 minutes. There is a great line-up of speakers and reviewers from many of the top design studios here in the Netherlands, and I just learned on Friday that I will be sharing the stage for an hour with the very talented Masja van Deursen & Silvia Vergeer from Studio Beige, and Rene Toneman & Sjoerd Koopmans from SILO. I’m very honored (and not at all nervous!) to be chosen to present some of my work and thoughts alongside them. 

The presentation is of course yet to be determined, but will center around the theme of collaboration in design. I am thinking of focusing on how emphasizing collaboration with clients can lead to great results and more successful projects. There will also be an overview of my work and career throughout, along with lessons and examples of things going well, and not so well, along the way.  I would be delighted to hear any thoughts or advice that you might have for the talk. I haven’t given one in such an environment before (i.e. not just to clients or students!), but it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a while so of course I would like it to be as good and engaging as possible. I’ll post thoughts and updates about it on Twitter along the way if you’re interested, or want to give more immediate feedback. Follow me here, or learn more about the day on my blog here! Also, of course if you are in Amsterdam please come along to say hello and to see how it goes on the day!

Keep in touch!

I’m always happy to hear from you so feel free to get in touch at any time, even just to say a quick hello. I’m also available for project and freelance work at the moment, so if you have any projects with which I can help you out then definitely get in touch! 

Thanks a million for reading all the way to the end! Until next time, have a great St. Patrick's Day...

Warmest regards,