Love the ones you Like this Valentines Day!

I feel that it's become increasingly easy to feel as though we're maintaining contact with people as we see their lives flash by on Facebook and Twitter feeds, and we might even go so far as to 'Like' or retweet their posts sometimes. This can create a sense of being in touch with them while in many ways we are actually growing ever further apart.

So, just for today, I urge you to reach out and take the extra 30 seconds to write a comment or message to someone special, say hello to an old friend, email an old client to see how they're doing, text or call family members… for once, don't take the easy route of simply liking those you love!

I also hope that the phrase Love the One You Like resonates and serves as a nice thought and image to have in your head if only for a little while. Even if you don't intend celebrating this evening you could still take with you the sense that Valentine’s Day need not only be for lovers, but that it can also be for those whom you love, be they family, friends, or particularly nice clients! In short, it needn’t just involve flowers and chocolates and cards….