Design Process  ···  I’m a strong believer in working closely with clients to develop a clear brief and set of project goals. These inform extensive research and sketching before we can move toward working out the information architecture and content development.


Once the structure is in place I then work on designing as creative a visual design as possible that resonates with the audience while clearly communicating the message. I also oversee all development and testing to ensure the design is accurately translated and suitable across all touchpoints and environments, while helping clients with content development and initial marketing.

Clarify requirements & goals

It’s crucial for everyone to know exactly what’s intended and why. The goal of any project is to communicate to the target audience, so it’s critical to clarify what we want to say, to whom, and most importantly, why. Following the brief creation, I work out a schedule, and with this framework in place, milestones and responsibilities are put in place to ensure that everyone is always clear on where progress and delivery should be. 

Company & user research

Work to understand the company, audience and goals as thoroughly as possible. 

Content Audit & Structuring

Develop and structuring the content, leading to forming the overall structure of the piece with reader flow. Then work out wireframes for each spread and section type indicating content type and responsibilities. 

Sketching & concepts

On IA approval I move on to creating the visual design, based on the goals and research. This is done by sketching initially, developing concept directions and workups and presenting the 2–3 strongest directions for approval.

Design & Production

Develop chosen direction and extent across all templates. Refine design and work out site style guides, and responsive variations for different screens. All illustration, image selection / photography and so on is completed at this point.

Development & Print Oversight

Work with the development team, or printers to ensure that the builds are correct and that the goals and deadlines are clearly understood. I prefer to attend press-checks in person, and for web work I usually work with iterative builds, each to ensure a match with approved design and correct implementation. For web work I often also populate content and working on testing.

Launch and Celebrate

Post-launch, I work with clients to help them work with the CMS, begin a marketing and SEO campaign, and provide editorial and content creation guidance as necessary. This all leads to a successful project that meets its goals, on time and on budget, to a happy client and a proud design team.