I believe strongly that all design must have a purpose.  It cannot exist for its own sake, nor use a style ‘just because it looks nice’. A designs form must follow its content. I do not see myself simply as a designer...
I am a communicator.

The goal of any design piece is to communicate a message to an audience. Therefore it is critical that the design succeeds in both clearly communicating that message and that it resonates with the intended audience. I believe in minimal, clear design that does not obstruct the message and does not confuse the audience. I strongly dislike seeing designs that are highly beautiful to look at but which clearly exist only to serve the designers creative impulses and so say nothing at all. 

This is not to say that I do not believe in being creative, of course I do. It is after all the very reason that I am a graphic designer. But one should not confuse creativity with style, nor mistake a clearly-executed concept for a lack of creativity. I relish a difficult communication challenge as it forces me to truly engage with a company and an industry to find the key that will portray the message most clearly, and so resonate most with the desired audience. 

I do not like to think of myself as having a particular design ‘style’ since that would mean that am merely working to suit myself and not the message. I strongly believe that form must follow content. I have always found that once the goals and content of any piece are understood and engaged with, the most appropriate design will reveal itself in the exploration phase far more quickly than if I try to impose a particular design style onto unsuitable content. 

Throughout my portfolio you will see examples of this philosophy in action—simple and effective design built around an easily understood concept, the two pillars of effective and successful design. This is my philosophy, gained after many years experience of engaging clients and content to figure out the best way to communicate their message, not mine.